Composer/musician from Copenhagen. 
Has worked on various films, theater plays and visual projects.

Nominated for best score by the Danish Academy 2015 for Gold Coast, together with Angelo Badalamenti and Lasse Martinussen

PRIX DE LA CRÉATION MUSICALE - COURT MÉTRAGE at Premiere Plans Anger 2018 for Sombra

Red Bull Music Academy participant 2016

Masters degree in filmscoring
BA in Musicology and filmstudies


As Good A Day As Any (2018)
Feature Film. Directed by Amalie Greger

Nina (2018)
Feature Film. Directed by Maria Winther Olsen

Vild Sommer (2018)

Webseries. Directed by Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen

Sange i Solen (2017)

Feature Film. Directed by Kristian Sejrbo

Weltschmerz (2017)

Documentary short. Directed by Jesper Dalgaard

ATELIER (2017)

Short. Directed by Elsa Maria Jakobsdottir

Gennem Drømmehinden (2017)

Documentary short. Directed by Lin Alluna

when you look away  (2017)

Documentary feature. Directed by Phie Ambo

Doom Room (2017)

VR short. Directed by Jesper Dalgaard

Elefanten (2016)

Short. Directed by Kerren Lumer-Klabbers

Sombra (2016)

Short. Directed by Kristian Sejrbo

Follow Me Down (2016)

Short. Directed by Tine Thomasen

The Valley of Gods (2016)

Documentary Short. Directed by Jesper Dalgaard

Fungus (2016)

50 min. Short. Directed by Elsa Maria Jakobsdottír

Dagny (2016)

Animation Short. Directed by Peter Lopes Andersson


Theater Play. Directed by Anna Balslev

Mens Vi Venter På Porno (2016)

Theater Play. Directed by Sofie Jo Kaufmana and Mette Søndergaard Nielsen

A Day With Dad (2016)

Animation Short. Directed by Mads Guldborg Bøge

Livø (2016)

Short. Directed by Niels Holstein Kaa

Striving (2016)

Short. Directed by Mette Carla T. Albrechtsen

Guldkysten (2015)

Feature Film. Directed by Daniel Dencik (2015) 

Toner af Ø (2015)

Documentary Short. Directed by Lin Alluna

Übermensch (2015)

Documentary Short. Directed by Jesper Dalgaard

Attempt (2015)

Short. Directed by Elsa Maria Jakobsdottír

Reunion (2015)

Short. Directed by Lisa Jespersen

Tsunami (2015)

Animation Short. Directed by Sofie Nørgaard Kampmark

Drome (2015)

Animation Short. Directed by Peter Lops Andersson

Hr. Rotteborgmester (2015)

Animation Short. Directed by Mads Guldborg Bøge

Nede under overfladen (2015)

Short. Directed by Lisa Svelmøe

For Det Fælles Bedste (2014)

Short. Directed by Lisa Svelmøe

Da Vi Opdagede Regnen (2013)

Short. Directed by Emma Rasmussen

Med Hjem (2013)

Short. Directed by Michael Jes Buus

To do: Make the Story (2013)

Game. By Mia Mai Dengsø Graabæk

Tectonic Traces (2013) 

Conceptual presentation of architect drawings. By Bryan Bogaards

Børn og fulde folk (2011)

Short. Directed by Michael Jes Buus

Nachtfalter (2010)

Short. Directed by Amalie Greger